The Team

Lanie Hobbs is the creator/host of It’s Haunted…What Now? A professional voice over artist with a passion for podcasting and storytelling.

Nico is an ex-mathlete turned audio editor and composer. With all the looks of being Italian, yet being born and bred in West Yorkshire to balance everything out. When not producing podcasts or making music, you can find him cooking, hiking, watching Ghibli movies, and on his best days drinking his own body weight in tea whilst binge-watching Netflix. Currently living in Lancaster, Lancashire, hoping no one in the county realizes he’s from Yorkshire.

Twitter: @Wetalkofdreams
I am married and devote most of my time to being the best dog mom I can be for my rescued pitbull named Nyla. By day I am a pharmacy technician but by night (and weekends) I occasionally dabble in writing for podcasts. Previously I wrote an episode for the show Unresolved but took a year off because 2020, and now mainly spend my free time reading (I love to read), crocheting or knitting, and going to theme parks here in Florida. Catch me outside, how bout—just kidding it’s too hot.

Writing/Podcast Instagram: @sm.reyes.writing
Bookstagram (Instagram):
Meg (She/Her) is a part-time writer who has spent a significant part of her career as a professional early childhood educator, while also moonlighting as a pumpkin farm manager. She’s freelanced a handful of writing projects, including moderating charity events and online streams in varying capacities. When not spending an unholy amount of time on the Internet, she can probably be found baking (decently), playing video games (badly), or drinking endless cups of bad coffee (chronically).

Find her on Twitter @CryptidMegara”