S1:E4 – The Talbot Heirs & More…

This episode is all about Haunted Hotel Haunts! Bee shares their experience at the Talbot Heirs Guesthouse in Memphis, TN. SpookyGal shares a story that still baffles and confuses her. I share a personal story from my family, thanks to my Mom for submitting our families experience with a Lechuza. Opal wonders what the meaning of her haunted hotel stay means for her, is it a sinister sign of the end? Finally, SepticMedic73 experienced  something paranormal at the Pioneer Hotel in Tucson, Az.


Bee’s took these pictures of the window of Suite 8 at the Talbot Heirs Guesthouse in Memphis, TN.



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One thought on “S1:E4 – The Talbot Heirs & More…”

  1. Hey ! I truly enjoyed this and was glad to have a story mentioned – Keep up the good work! – From across the pond; SpookyGal x

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