Bonus: GetVokl- Spooky Friends ft. Hollyweird Paranormal and Scry Podcast

This is the live stream I did with my podfriends from Hollyweird Paranormal & Scry Podcast. Links to their shows are below! &

Hollyweird Paranormal
Scry Podcast

I want to share with you that we are now on Patreon. After several requests to separate IHWN from TCFC, I have finally listened. I know, I know… took me long enough. You can head to to see what is available to you to support the show!

If you’d like to submit your own personal spooky tale to be read on the show, head to and click on the link to submit your story. You can also e-mail me at

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The official composer for the show is We Talk of Dreams, check him out on twitter @wetalkofdreams or

Audio Engineering provided by Chaes at Gray Multimedia

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