S2: E32 – I Can Only See The Outline Of Their Body Which is Under the Covers & Their Hair.

I have spent a lot of time rewatching Buzzfeed unsolved & I have been in the spooky mood here lately and, the stories you’re about to hear might put you in a spooky mood too. I mean, we’ll see. Ok, ready to get spooked?

Thank you for submitting your stories:
Story 1 : SourestSenpai
Story 2 : Oddpomergranate
Story 3 : CorruptCoot
Story 4: Toki_Doki98
Story 5 : Chay

Guide to the Unknown is a podcast about horror. Every week, siblings
Kristen Anderson and Will Rogers discuss spooky pop culture, urban
legends and the paranormal while keeping it cozy and light.
Favorite episodes include a tour of the unique Disney Haunted Mansions
around the world, the account of a seance they attended in a paranormal
bookstore, and the real-life story behind The Conjuring.
New episodes come out every Friday on all major podcast apps including
Spotify. The episodes are recorded live every Wednesday at 6 pm EST on
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