S2: E34- The knocking increased, we felt our bed shaking sometimes at night.

Want to know what’s really spooky guys? I managed to keep my promise and release this on the 15th, ok the 16th! The spooky spirits are really fueling this episode, and the next, through to fulfillment. Speaking of spooky spirits, have we got a treat for you. Does the idea of demonic laughing directly into your ear make your hair stand on end? How about shadow creatures stealing your valuables? (Creepy voice) Happy October everyone.

Story 1: Burningrain85

Story 2: Seekerofthetruetrue

Story 3: Jesse

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Production assistance by: Rebecca Lopez

The official composer for the show is We Talk of Dreams, check him out on Twitter @wetalkofdreams or wetalkofdreams.com

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