S4E73- Unexplained Encounters in Small Towns

The quaint small town is a staple in American storytelling where everyone knows each other, the schools have barely more than 100 students, and the kids grow up together throughout their childhoods. They’re quiet and peaceful, where adults rear families for generations. In contrast, they are also used in cinema as locations for fictional ax murderers or creepy places to get stuck when your car breaks down.

Today’s episode is brimming with uncanny, unusual, and unexplainable encounters with entities inhabiting small towns and a peculiar incident at a cadaver lab.

Ok, ready to get spooked?

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Content Warnings: Hauntings, Unreality, Cadavers

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Production Credits:

  • Production assistance by Jesse Hawke from the Inky Pawprint.
  • Writing assistance by Sherilyn Reyes.
  • Original music composed by Nico from the Inky Pawprint.

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