Winter Break Episode featuring Susto

👻 Welcome to “It’s Haunted…What Now?” Winter Break Special!

During our winter break, we’re thrilled to showcase some of our spooky friends and their fantastic podcasts. First, we have the chilling and award-winning Susto podcast hosted by the only Ayden.

🎙️ Meet Ayden: The Lone Ghoul Behind Susto

Ayden, a proud native of the Rio Grande Valley on the Texas-Mexico border, invites you to join the Susto journey. Growing up surrounded by cautionary tales and ghost stories, Ayden developed a fascination for the otherworldly at an early age. In 2019, this passion manifested into the creation of Susto, a one-ghoul production where Ayden wears multiple hats – from research and hosting to editing and audio design.

🏆 Accolades and Recognition

Susto has garnered well-deserved recognition, earning a spot in the 2022 inaugural class of the Gotham Film & Media Institute’s the Gotham/Variety Audio Honors, presented by Wondery. The podcast’s excellence has also led to a nomination in the 2023 Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin in the Podcast category. Join us in celebrating Ayden’s dedication to the craft!

🎉 Live Shows, Lectures, and Events

Based in Austin, Ayden actively engages with the community by participating in live shows and lectures and tabling at relevant events. Susto is not just a podcast; it’s a dynamic experience that extends beyond your headphones. Discover the world of Susto through Ayden’s passionate and immersive events.

👻 Connect with Ayden

Do you have a spooky story to share, or do you want to reach out to Ayden? Connect through the ‘Contact’ button on the Susto website or drop an email at Ayden welcomes your ghostly tales, questions, and feedback!

Don’t miss this special episode featuring Susto as we dive into the world of paranormal storytelling and exploration. Subscribe, listen, and get ready for a winter break filled with ghostly encounters!

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