S4E71 – I Wake Up With Injuries…

Morbid curiosity is a fascination humans can’t resist. We crane our necks in traffic when coming upon a wreck, stare in wonder at a flickering flame, and marvel at dark clouds in the horizon crackling with lightning. Welcome to “It’s Haunted…What Now?” – a podcast that satisfies your insatiable hunger for the magnificent and the unknown. Prepare to be spooked as we delve into chilling tales of the paranormal shared by brave individuals who have experienced the eerie firsthand.

Stories Shared by:
Madamim20, Stormgk1, Cilantroe, RevivalKnife, ABlastTyrant, caronormalactivity

Content Warnings:
Loss of a pet, Cryptids, Demonic entities

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Production Credits:

Production assistance by Jesse Hawke from the Inky Pawprint.
Writing assistance by Sherilyn Reyes.
Original music composed by Nico from the Inky Pawprint.