S3: E43 – I can’t overstate how desolate it was. How alone. How isolating.

Samii – hosting for Lanie while she’s out on maternity leave. I host the It’s Frightful podcast that’s all about (Paranormal experience, much like the ones you hear on It’s haunted. As well as Creepy Encounters with not so nice people, and much much more.) & I’m so excited to be sharing these stories with you all!  Spring has officially sprung, and with the warm weather on the way, that means a lot more sunlight and energy for all of us. And what that means for us over at It’s Haunted is that we’ve got even more drive to bring you some creepy stories to curl up with at night. We’ve got some good ones today for you to sink your teeth into, and I’m excited to get started.

Ok,…ready to get spooked?

Thank you to the following for sharing your stories:
Almost unbelievable paranormal podcast
Darren from Korea

Thank you to Samii from the It’s Frightful Podcast for hosting the show!

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