S3:E44-As a precaution, I am going to throw away the mirror…

Welcome back to It’s Haunted What Now, I’m your host, David Ginsburg. I’m hosting this episode for Lanie while she’s out on Maternity leave. I host a weekly podcast called Tales from the Fandom where I talk to a different guest each week about fandoms they love. Find it on all the major streaming sites and social media. Tales from the Fandom.

I’m so excited to host this spooky episode and I cannot wait to get started.  Author Wendy Wunder wrote in one of her novels, “The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.” Homes are the locations that experience the most hauntings. Is it because it’s the place we feel safest during life? Is it because it holds all of our memories? Is it because no matter where we go, home is always going to be a piece of who we are? Do we leave a piece of ourselves behind? Today we’ll hear a collection of stories in which home is where the paranormal heart is.

Ok, ready to get spooked?

Thank you to David Ginsburg, host of Tales from the Fandom Podcast for hosting for me!

Tales from the Fandom

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