Espooky Tales Podcast visits us with Haunting Tales.

We can’t tell you how thrilled we are to welcome Espooky Tales to the podcast! We have guested on their podcast a few times, and it has always been a good time! I love this show so much and listen every time a new episode drops. It fills my Espooky Heart up with Ghouls. I hope you enjoy this episode and Happy New Year!

Haunted Stores in Mexico E118

If you’ve been to Mexico or anywhere in Latin America, chances are you’ve been in a tienda Oxxo. These are the largest chain of convenience stores in all of Latin America and maybe even the most haunted. In today’s episode, Cristina and MJ talk about paranormal stories that take place in different Oxxo stores in Mexico, a haunted piñata store in Guadalajara, Mexico, and a haunted cafe. Oh, and of course, they had to mention Stockton, California’s own haunted Burlington Coat Factory. Cristina and MJ share these stories, have some laughs, and share their spooky recommendations, but first, Cristina reads a listener story.

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